ECD - Frequently Asked Questions  


1. How do I start using ECD to alter a course or enter new course information?

ECD Help:
The first step to using ECD is to sign up here. For instructions on how to complete the sign up process click here. You will need a valid LACCD district or campus email address to sign up for ECD. The following campuses are participating in ECD: DISTRICT WIDE, CITY, EAST, HARBOR, MISSION, PIERCE, SOUTHWEST, TRADE TECH, VALLEY, WEST, ITV.

2. What should I do if I have a question about using ECD?

ECD Help:
You may ask questions or report any problems using our 'Report A Problem' feature. It can be found here. Your curriculum chair will be CC'd on any submissions made from the 'Report A Problem' page.

3. How Do I Update A Course?

ECD Help:
You will need to sign up for a login id. Then you will use the 'Create / Edit / Reinstate' link on the main menu that appears after a user logs in. Instructions on how to use the 'Create / Edit / Reinstate' link can be found here.

4. I have not received an email with my signup information. What should I do?

ECD Help:
Please use the reset password feature to reset your password. This feature is found here.



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